Authority in Islam in Muslim Eurasia – workshop program

The preliminary PROGRAM for the ‘Authority in Islam in Muslim Eurasia’ international workshop is now available.

All meetings held at the Indiana Memorial Union, Dogwood Room. For information about the participants see here.



Jamal Elias confirmed as keynote speaker

Ws200_jamal.eliase are happy to confirm that Jamal Elias, Walter H. Annenberg Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Religious Studies and South Asia Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, will be the keynote speaker for our workshop. Professor Elias will discuss fragmentation of authority in Islam from a thematic, methodological and comparative viewpoint.



Welcome to Authority in Islam: Dialectics of Fragmentation & Plurality, an initiative of the Islamic Studies Program at Indiana University – Bloomington. Through a series of international workshops and collaborations, publications, and the introduction of old and new sources, we aim to assess and analyze the causes, spectrum, and consequences of (seemingly) increasingly diverse, decentralized and disjointed practices of religious authority in Muslim societies, both regionally and comparatively. Read more about the initiative here.

Our first workshop, on Muslim Eurasia, is scheduled to convene at Indiana University in March 24-25, 2017. See our Call for Papers.